Myth or Fact #5 – Breast Implants Cause Cancer

In a long list of breast cancer causes and risk factors, does not list implants as a potential cause. There has been however, some reports of a very rare lymphoma that forms around the implant and can be removed with the implant. However, according to the Mayo…Read More

Breast Augmentation Is Better Than Ever


A few decades ago, if someone mentioned implants it usually referred to excessively large breasts. But these days, many women are opting for implants, not to gain everyone’s attention, but to feel comfortable with their appearance or to remedy a defective feature, like drooping or sagging. Along with…Read More

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, in honor of that, we want to talk about breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Depending on where the woman is in her cancer treatment, she and her surgeon may choose to either have the implants put in place during the…Read More

Myth or Fact #4: You can choose whatever bra cup size you want when you get implants

First, you need to understand that there can be quite a difference in the cup sizing from one bra manufacturer to another, so there is no guarantee that you will fit a specific size after your surgery. When you choose your implants, it’s very important…Read More

Tiny Incision, Big Results

Many women would like to get implants, but are afraid of scarring. These days the incisions are done in a few different ways, such as in the crease on the underside of the breast or around the areola (dark area around the nipple). But the most inconspicuous of…Read More

Breast Implant

Myth or Fact #3: It is more difficult to detect breast cancer or lumps with breast implants

With all the discussion of breast cancer awareness and how to detect it early, there is also misinformation about implants. Some say you cannot detect mammary lumps easily with implants. Some say mammograms are less likely to show cancer if there are implants. Some say MRIs cannot detect…Read More

Myth or Fact 2 : Any Cosmetic Surgeon Can Do a Breast Augmentation

Myth or Fact 2: Any Cosmetic Surgeon Can Do a Breast Augmentation

Yes, any surgeon can do cosmetic surgery, but the quality of the results can vary greatly. When you are looking for a professional to improve your appearance, you want to find someone who will do just that….Read More

Natural with Gummy Bear Implants in New York

Natural Look for the Active Woman

Going natural and committing to health and fitness has grown in popularity in our society. It’s no wonder that women are choosing a more natural look in breast implant, rather than the oversized, top-heavy appearance that was more popular in the past. Women…Read More

Myth or Fact About Breast Implants Explained in NY: #1 Breast implants need to be changed every ten years.

It may be that people have gotten this misconception that implants need to be changed every ten years, because some of the leaders in manufacturing implants will provide a 10-year warranty on their products. Most plastic surgeons see implants lasting anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

Another possible piece of information…Read More

Breast Augmentation: Better than Ever with Gummy Bear Breast Implants in New York

According to Wikipedia, breast implants started in the late 19th century, with one of the earliest known implants being reconstructive surgery to repair an asymmetry caused by removal of a tumor. The doctor, Vincenz Czerny used a lumbar lipoma (a benign tumor) to fill in the area where the cancerous…Read More

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