October 25, 2018

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, in honor of that, we want to talk about breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Depending on where the woman is in her cancer treatment, she and her surgeon may choose to either have the implants put in place during the mastectomy (“direct-to-implant reconstruction”) or have a delayed reconstruction, after the cancer surgery is done. Sometimes a short-term tissue expander is put in place during the mastectomy to help prepare for the reconstruction in the future. The balloon-like sac is slowly expanded over time, after being placed. There are two types of expanders, one requires a saline solution to be injected through a tiny valve under the skin, at weekly intervals (whatever is determined by the surgeon). The other is called Aeroform, which contains compressed carbon dioxide gas. Small amounts of gas are released into the sac, by means of a remote control for the patient’s home use.

Delaying reconstruction is done for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s just too much to think about during cancer treatments. Others choose to do so, because they have other health issues or they have to make some health changes to improve recovery, such as quit smoking or make diet changes. And sometimes, radiation treatments have to continue. Radiation can interfere with the healing process, increasing the recovery time, scarring and possibly interfere with the success of the surgery.

If you are facing a mastectomy, contact Dr. Fiorillo to discuss the best way to plan and prepare for a delayed reconstruction. See more details about reconstruction at our surgical center here.

Reconstruction After Mastectomy in Pearl River, NY

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