I felt Gummy Bears were the best implants. I’m happy with the size and I’ve al recommended them to other people.


Everybody in the office is great. They’re fantastic! If I ever need anything again, I would call Dr. Fiorillo first.

I’ve al recommended them to other people. I’m very happy with how they look and feel.
I went from nothing to a good amount. They look so natural and not super gigantic so that everyone would notice. He did a good job with making them look natural. I think they feel natural, too!


I’m very happy with my results. I only had about 3 days of annoying-ness after and went back to work on the fourth day. I was a baby and wanted to go with a full C, but Dr. Fiorillo convinced me to go with a D. They’re perfect now! Doctor knows best!

A thing I love about Dr. Fiorillo is that before I went in, I emailed a laundry list of questions. I was really paranoid. They always got back to me and answered all of my questions..

I absolutely love them! Dr. Fiorillo truly cares and was always so nice. I recommended them to my friend and she’s getting hers in two months!


No problems at all. I was very happy. I was also happy with how I was treated and everything. I would definitely recommend them to other women.

I chose Gummy Bears, I was told … fewer chances of this sagging, and they stay in place longer compared to other silicone types. I was a 34A and now I’m a D. I’m very happy with it. I think sometimes they’re a little too big, but I would rather be a little big than on the smaller size!


I did my research and went for multiple opinions on Gummy Bears before deciding. There were issues with other saline implants like rupturing and I was very happy with the gel of Gummy Bears instead. After I did my own research, I talked with Dr. Fiorillo and he went through everything with me.

The surgery went really well for me. I don’t have any complaints at all. I went from a very small B (some would call it an A) up to a full C. I just got measured at Victoria’s Secret and they called me a D!


You have exceeded my expectations for the second time. You do absolutely beautiful work. Thank you for making me look better physically & feel better mentally about myself. I feel blessed to have you as my surgeon.


Thank you so much for everything!I always hated the way my breasts looked and I could have never imagined that this kind of transformation was possible. I have had such an incredible experience with everyone I have interacted with at your surgery center and I am just blown away with what you have done for me.You are an amazing doctor. I had other consultations but from the moment you first examined me you had a vision of what was possible and you saw what I couldn’t see and what other doctors failed to demonstrate to me. It was that moment that I decided I needed to have my surgery with you.

I couldn’t be happier with your work. You have given me a beautiful result and a new confidence and comfort with my body that I never had before and I am very grateful.

Truly- Thank you so very much. I love my look!


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