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Considering a breast enhancement? View the before and after gallery to see incredible results from some of Dr. Fiorillo’s real patients.

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Gummy Bear implants are softer and have a more natural feel than other implants. They have a lower rate of complications than other silicone gel implants, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Women travel from across the world to see Dr. Fiorillo because has been chosen by the inventors of Gummy Bears, to train other plastic surgeons.

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Congratulations on your first step towards new breast implants – if you’re like most women, we know this was an important decision and that you want nothing less than the best doctor and the top of the line implants. Gummy Bear breast implants are the newest generation of breast implants. They look and feel more natural than traditional implants. Because they are cohesive, meaning they are a single form, they are not susceptible to rupturing, leaking, and rippling, and patients experience fewer complications. Unlike other silicone implants, Gummy Bear implants come in a variety of shapes and can be tailored to fit your body type, providing you with the end result you truly want. Explore our site to find out more information about Gummy Bear implants’ cost, facts, and frequently asked questions. Watch this video to hear Dr. Fiorillo explain why he chooses Gummy Bear breast implants over all other implant options.

Dr. Fiorillo is a double board certified plastic surgeon and has been performing breast implants in New York since 1998. Women travel from all across the world because he has been chosen by the creators of Gummy Bears, to be one of only four surgeons in the United States honored with the prestigious task of training other surgeons on Gummy Bear procedures. Watch this video to see him training other plastic surgeons at his Advanced Plastic Surgery Center and to hear him talk about Gummy Bear breast implants. He and his work are world-renowned and respected by clients and fellow plastic surgeons. Having worked on television stars and celebrities alike, he accepts only the best for his New York practices’ breast implant patients. Because of this, Dr. Fiorillo is highly sought after and not only performs breast implants for NY clients but also has had many women travel from all over the United States and the world, for their augmentations. To learn more about accommodations, please go to our Out of Town page. When you choose Dr. Fiorillo, you know you’ll get the results you want. Read more on our Meet Dr. Fiorillo page or visit our gallery to see Gummy Bear breast implants photos for yourself.

In addition to having two decades of experience and being a top Gummy Bear breast implants expert, he also specializes in reconstructive surgeries. Renee Graziano from Mob Wives credits him for saving her life after another doctor’s procedures left her injured and deformed. To learn more about other women he has helped, view our Media Collection.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art, offering you the very latest in treatments and care. You can visit Dr. Fiorillo at one of his two convenient locations in New York and New Jersey. Feel comfortable knowing that all your questions will be answered when you schedule an appointment or no-obligation consultation. Email us or call 845-623-6141.


• Most natural look & feel

• Variety of shapes and sizes

• Longevity increases cost-effectiveness

• Fewer complications than traditional implants

• Approved by the Food & Drug Administration


• Gummy Bear instuctor

• National media consultant

• Double board certified since 1998

• Performed thousands of successful surgeries

• Trained in Sweden by the creators of Gummy Bears


I felt Gummy Bears were the best implants. I’m happy with the size and I’ve al recommended them to other people.

Everybody in the office is great. They’re fantastic! If I ever need anything again, I would call Dr. Fiorillo first. I’ve al recommended them to other people. I’m very happy with how they look and feel. I went from nothing to a good amount. They look so natural and not super gigantic so that everyone […]

I’m very happy with my results. I only had about 3 days of annoying-ness after and went back to work on the fourth day. I was a baby and wanted to go with a full C, but Dr. Fiorillo convinced me to go with a D. They’re perfect now! Doctor knows best! A thing I […]

No problems at all. I was very happy. I was also happy with how I was treated and everything. I would definitely recommend them to other women. I chose Gummy Bears, I was told … fewer chances of this sagging, and they stay in place longer compared to other silicone types. I was a 34A […]

I did my research and went for multiple opinions on Gummy Bears before deciding. There were issues with other saline implants like rupturing and I was very happy with the gel of Gummy Bears instead. After I did my own research, I talked with Dr. Fiorillo and he went through everything with me. The surgery went […]

You have exceeded my expectations for the second time. You do absolutely beautiful work. Thank you for making me look better physically & feel better mentally about myself. I feel blessed to have you as my surgeon.

Thank you so much for everything!I always hated the way my breasts looked and I could have never imagined that this kind of transformation was possible. I have had such an incredible experience with everyone I have interacted with at your surgery center and I am just blown away with what you have done for […]


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