December 10, 2018

Why Do Women Want Breast Augmentation?


The reasons for desiring augmentation are many. With almost 300,000 procedures per year (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons), there must be many reasons. Here we will name a few:

  1. The most serious reason would be due to having a mastectomy. Some women who have lost one or both breasts want to regain their healthy and full figure, so they choose to have reconstructive surgery involving the placement of implants and construction of a nipple and areola.
  2. Disproportionately smaller breasts can make a woman feel less feminine and often unbalanced, especially if they are larger in the hip area. They would like a more curvaceous figure and be able to wear a larger variety of clothes.
  3. Changes in breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding can make women feel self-conscious, due to the loss of volume and related droop.
  4. Changes in weight, much like post-baby results, the same loss of volume and related droop can happen if a large amount of weight has been lost.
  5. Asymmetrical breasts can make women feel self conscious, getting implants can even out the appearance of both breasts.
  6. Aging can bring about a reduction in muscle tone, and just the pull of gravity on the breast tissue naturally can cause drooping or dropping of the breasts. By getting augmentation, the breasts can be restored to a more youthful and fuller appearance.

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