November 20, 2018

Myth or Fact #5 – Breast Implants Cause Cancer

In a long list of breast cancer causes and risk factors, does not list implants as a potential cause. There has been however, some reports of a very rare lymphoma that forms around the implant and can be removed with the implant. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, the chances of developing this cancer (called BIA-ALCL) is one in 4,000 to one in 30,000.


What Are the Odds

To put into perspective, the odds of BIA-ALCL developing due to implants, let’s look at other odds and compare them to the odds of one in 4,000 to one in 30,000. Please keep in mind that this is not to be morbid, just helping you see in perspective and not be overwhelmed by mention of cancer. Here are some statistics to help put things into perspective. You have more of a chance of being struck by lightning at 1 in 3,500. According to the National Safety Council, the odds of dying by drowning are 1 in 9,000, by plane crash are 1 in 20,000, and by flood (1 in 30,000). These are not curable conditions either, but BIA-ALCL is considered usually curable.

The Mayo Clinic cautions everyone to keep things in perspective. If you have implants, this is no cause to change your plans or to have your implants removed. Always get your check ups, learn to do self exams with your implants (your doctor can explain) and be aware of any changes in shape, swelling, lumps or new pains. This is what all women should be doing, with or without implants. Discuss your concerns about breast implants and related health issues with Dr. Fiorillo, when you meet him at his NY surgical center.


Ease Your Concerns About Breast Implants with Dr. Fiorillo in NY

Health concerns are completely understandable, if you have any confusion or concerns about your health and implants, discuss them with Dr. Fiorillo. For an “in person” or video consultation, contact him today, either online or by phone 845-623-6141. If you are not in the area then plan a video consult and also see our “Out of Town” page for information about arranging a stay at one of the hotels that we have partnered with, the Time Hotel or Pearl River Hilton.

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