December 18, 2018

Getting Ready to Recover


So, you are taking the plunge and getting implant surgery. Here are some suggestions to make recovery more relaxing and pleasant:

  1. Plan a vacation at one of our participating hotels, either the Pearl River Hilton in Pearl River, NY or Time Hotel in Nyack, NY. You can rest in your room, or enjoy the amenities. Or if you are feeling up to it, enjoy sightseeing or shopping in the area. This is especially helpful for those of you who are not local to the New York area, see our “Out of Town” page for more details. You can “meet” Dr. Fiorillo via video consult, to make plans for your surgery.

  2. Do Meal Prepping. Get your fridge and freezer ready with meals, because you likely won’t feel up to cooking. Prepare foods that require chopping, cutting, slicing etc. to keep in the fridge. And if you can, make meals to freeze, do so to help your family, as well as yourself. Be sure to have high fiber food in the mix, due to the annoying side effect of constipation, from the pain killer medications that are usually prescribed. And of course, don’t forget snacks and comfort food!

  3. Stock up on ice packs and cold compresses. You will need them to ease swelling and pain. Have tea towels or dish towels clean and ready to wrap around the ice packs. Be sure they are in the freezer before you leave for the surgery, because you will need them immediately when you get home.

  4. Make sure all your comfortable clothes are clean and ready. You will be resting a lot and you will be wearing compression bandages and sent home with a surgical bra. Be sure to have shirts that will accommodate your new size. And have button down shirts as raising your arms over your head to take them on and off will be painful and not advisable as your in the healing process.

Whatever you do to prepare, be sure you are rested and you have had a good long discussion with your surgeon to discuss all the details that may be bothering you or may cause you nervousness.


Recovery from Gummy Bear Implant Surgery in New York

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