A Reason To Feel Even Better About Gummy Bear Breast Implants

After following over 55,000 breast implant patients in New York and elsewhere for over five years, a Washington, D.C.-based physician concluded that silicone implants are “very, very safe.”

Dr. Navin Singh’s study appeared in the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Singh observed that many misgivings…Read More

Breast Implant Surgery Do’s And Don’ts

Most New Yorkers are 50/50 on the eve of their gummy bear breast implant procedures. They are 50 percent unbelievably excited and 50 percent extremely nervous. So, it’s natural to feel like leaving for the hospital straightaway in the hopes that the doctor can fit you in early and,…Read More

Shaped Implants To Drive Market Growth

Shaped Implants To Drive Market Growth

By 2024, the natural-looking breast implants which are so popular in New York and elsewhere will push the overall market share to over $4.5 billion.

Forecasters expect an uptick in both major kinds of breast implant procedures, both purely cosmetic surgeries and reconstructive procedures related to breast cancer…Read More

Cheap Implants Are Dangerous Implants

Cheap Implants Are Dangerous Implants

Because of their shape, Gummy Bear implants may be the safest alternative available, per an Australian newspaper.

Earlier this year, certain implants were linked to an uptick in certain kinds of lymphoma. Researchers now know that it is material and design, as opposed to the implants themselves, that pose…Read More

Breast Implants And Size Matters

A recent piece in the New York Post, which declared that the era of “jumbo breast implants” had ended, underscored the appropriateness of Gummy Bear implants for the New York fashion look that more women want.

Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, when curvaceous women like Pamela Anderson and…Read More

Gummy Bear Implants Fuel Cosmetic Surgery Uptick

Gummy Bear Implants Fuel Cosmetic Surgery Uptick

Largely because of these next-generation implants, Asian cosmetic surgeons should see a 7 percent increase in new procedures between now and 2025.

A number of factors contribute to this expected growth, including a rising per capita income, more Asian women in the workforce, and the rise of medical tourism in…Read More

Do Gummy Bears Affect Breastfeeding?

Do Gummy Bears Affect Breastfeeding?

Since most of the women who get breast implants in New York are under 40 and in their childbearing years, this question is a legitimate one. After all, even if the patient’s current plans do not include young children, plans change. And, since Gummy Bears are among the safest and…Read More

Gummy Bear Breast Implants NewYork

‘Real Housewife’ Gets Real-Looking Implants From Dr. Fiorillo

After a worldwide search, Melissa Gorga, one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, chose double Board Certified specialist Dr. Michael Fiorillo to replace her existing breast implants. Ms. Gorga is just one of the many out-of-state patients who come to see us.

She first had implants in her…Read More

A New Wave Of Breast Implant Hysteria

Two out of every one million breast implant patients have been diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, according to a recent study. Even though the risks of breast implants are always splashed across the headlines, these risks are all very manageable.

Despite the scary-sounding name, ALCL is hardly…Read More

How Life Will Change after a Gummy Bear Implant Procedure

Deciding to go for Gummy Bear implants is one of those decisions bound to have a significant impact in your life. Women who consider such procedures normally have different reasons and motivation for making the choice and regardless of the reason; life will never be the same again.

The following are…Read More

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