October 15, 2018

Myth or Fact #4: You can choose whatever bra cup size you want when you get implants

First, you need to understand that there can be quite a difference in the cup sizing from one bra manufacturer to another, so there is no guarantee that you will fit a specific size after your surgery. When you choose your implants, it’s very important to choose ones that fit your body and breast type. If you have a narrow rib cage, and likewise narrow breasts fitting large implants in a small physique, will cause the implant edges to show around the top and side of the breast and will allow the implant to be palpable.

The other consideration is the weight of the implant and what that weight will do to stretch the breast tissue and the muscles, due to the downward pull of gravity. It could prove to be very uncomfortable. When it comes to implant size, bigger is not always better, aesthetically or physically.

The current trend is to stay natural, especially if you have an active lifestyle. Choose an implant that lifts and shapes existing breast tissue and will not pull on your muscle or stretch your skin. There are many sizes and a nice variety of shapes to choose from. Have Dr. Fiorillo assist  you with your choice. He is known for his ability to assess your body type and your appearance and to know exactly what to do to help you look incredible.

Gummy Bear Implants: Many Sizes, Varied Shapes in Pearl River, NY

Contact us today, either online or by phone 845-623-6141.  Call Dr. Fiorillo’s office to schedule a consultation, allow his expertise to guide you in this decision. If you do not live nearby, you can schedule a video consult and plan on a mini-vacation to recover, when you get your surgery. See our “Out of Town” page for details on hotels and local things to do.

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