Are you a Good Candidate for Breast Implants?

There are a number of women who would like to have natural looking breast implants in New York; however, not every woman is a good candidate for this procedure. The ideal candidate for this procedure is a woman who has all the information and who completely understands what is involved…Read More

Increase Your Confidence With Gummy Bear Implants


It’s an age-old adage: look good, feel good. We all strive to present ourselves in the best light possible to those around us, whether it is our spouse, family, friends or colleagues. Most importantly, we strive to look good for our personal wellbeing and ourselves. For many women, one of…Read More

Other Considerations With Breast Augmentation and Gummy Bear Implants


If you have had or are considering New York gummy bear breast implants, you may have some long-term questions to consider:

Should I Tell Anyone I Had Gummy Bear Breast Enhancement Surgery?

It’s up to you. Many patients decide to not say anything. For most of Dr. Fiorillo’s patients,…Read More

What Are the Biggest Pluses of Gummy Bear Implants?


Considering gummy bear breast implants in New York? The new gummy bear breast implants have several advantages over other implants.

First, the gummy bear implants are cohesive gel implants. This means that they will maintain their shape over a long period of time, when compared to regular silicon or saline implants.

The…Read More

Common Gummy Bear Implant Questions


If you are considering having gummy bear breast implants, you probably have a few questions. Below are the most common ones that Dr. Fiorillo receives:

Do Gummy Bear Implants Feel Natural?

Older style silicone implants may feel softer than gummy bear implants, at least when outside the body. When they are…Read More

The Gummy Bear Implant Process


Which type of breast implant you select can make a large difference in the look and feel of the breasts. The newest innovation in breast enhancement is gummy bear implants. These new types of implants keep their shape better than traditional silicone or saline implants. Also, they have very little…Read More

7 Key Tips Before After Your Breast Augmentation Surgery


If you opt to have breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Fiorillo in New York, you are in extremely experienced hands. To ensure the best results after your breast augmentation surgery, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Drink plenty of water before and after surgery. This can help to…Read More

Breast Augmentation Leads To Many Benefits: Survey


A recent survey by found that women who have breast augmentation surgery enjoy many benefits other than simply a better appearance or enhanced self esteem.

The survey found that 35% of people who had had breast augmentation surgery reported more satisfaction in their sex lives. Also, 62% said that…Read More

Are Gummy Bear Implants Safe?

Breast implants in the United States have a long and checkered past. The first generation of silicone breast implants was developed in the 1960s, and breast implant technology has continued to develop ever since.

Silicone implants have had a troubled past; in earlier generations, some silicone models used thin shells or…Read More

What are the advantages to breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical process where a surgeon adds implants to your breasts in order to make them larger. Augmentation can be useful if your breasts are lopsided, if you’ve had to have a single or double mastectomy, or if you just don’t like the way your breasts look.

About…Read More

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