January 30, 2015

Gummy Bear Breast Implants: The Best Breast Implants in New York


The Gummy Bear breast implant is rather new to the U.S market. They are also considered to be the safest breast implants in New York when considering breast augmentation surgery. This implant is FDA approved for use in the United States in March of 2012—though Europe has been using them since 1995 and Canada since 2000. The name for this implant came from the addition of extra “cross linker”. This is a substance that is mixed with the silicone gel that makes a stable form that is thick and strong; thus, very much like the gummy bear candies they are not only pliant, but they regain their original shape after being touched. Though they are firm to the touch before implantation, after implanted they have the feel of real breast tissues, compared to other types of implants.


Worth the Money

This fifth generation silicone breast implant will not wrinkle or fold—greatly decreasing the chances of shell fracture and rupture. This increases the longevity of the implant, making it a more cost effective choice in the long run. Also, after your surgery with Dr. Fiorillo in either our New York or New Jersey location, you may extend your post-operative stay at the Comfort Inn & Suit in Nanuet NY. We have negotiated with them to give you a 10% discount.


Your Choice

Because you can choose from either an oval, round, or teardrop breast implant, you and your doctor can determine what would be right to give you that perfect look you desire. Depending on your desired size and your current weight, and body type, these options make it easier to pin down the correct implant for you. And after you see how natural your breasts will look and feel, you can be sure that you’ve made the right choice.

With many thanks to Dr. Fiorillo, you can now choose the best and safest breast implants available!

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