For Natural Breast Implants, Choose Gummy Bears

If you’re a…Read More

Are Gummy Bear Implants Right For You?

Every woman who has thought seriously about getting breast implants in New York has certainly been met with an avalanche of information about the topic. Most of the information is very broad and general, such as expectation management during the consultation, breast implant sizes, and the specifics of what the…Read More

Are You Considering New Breast Implants in NY?

Every day, more and more women are getting new breast implants in NY, but oftentimes find them selves wondering which are the safest breast implants. There two basic types of breast implants: silicone and saline. Silicone implants are made of silicone gel, while the saline implants are filled with sterile…Read More

What are the Most Natural Looking Breast Implants?


With the constant development of new types of breast implants, women now have many different options available to them. One of the safest and most natural implants on the market are “Gummy Bear implants.”

Gummy Bear implants get their nickname from the consistency that they share with the cute candied bears….Read More

Should I Get High Profile Breast Implants?

More and more women are considering breast enhancement, as the procedure is becoming more affordable and accessible in general. However, every woman is unique, with her own tastes and preferences. Therefore, while some women want a subtler contour, some women will prefer a more voluptuous look, particularly with a high…Read More

What do Gummy Bear implants cost? And other questions

Are you considering getting New York breast implants? We’re sure you have a lot of questions and hopefully we have some of the answers.

Gummy Bears are a cohesive silicone gel breast implant. The implants were specially designed to be strong and pliable, yet soft. This is where they get the…Read More

Gummy Bear Implants – Are They Right For You?

Any woman who has considered undergoing a breast enhancement has undoubtedly been met with an overwhelming amount of information about the topic. Lots of the information is general, such as what to expect during the consultation, breast implant sizes, and what the procedure actually entails. Many women don’t think to…Read More

New Breast Implants – Are They Right For You?

Hundreds of women choose to get new breast implants, but many are sometimes not sure which type of implant are the safest to use. There are basically two types: silicone and saline. Silicone implants contain silicone gel, while the saline implants have sterile water or saline inside of them. Many…Read More

Dr. Fiorillo Offers the Most Natural Looking Breast Implants

Cosmetic surgery, specifically breast enhancement has come a long way in the past few years. No longer are women stymied by a few options that may or may not look the best on them. Well that’s about to change with teardrop breast implants offered by Dr. Fiorillo. In the United…Read More

Gummy Bear Implants

No Longer “One Size Fits All” 

When it comes to searching for the right breast implants, the sheer amount of information can be daunting. You know you want the most natural-looking breast implants possible, now you just have to figure out how to get it. Sientra® Gummy Bear breast implants offer…Read More

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