July 14, 2013

Should I Get High Profile Breast Implants?

More and more women are considering breast enhancement, as the procedure is becoming more affordable and accessible in general. However, every woman is unique, with her own tastes and preferences. Therefore, while some women want a subtler contour, some women will prefer a more voluptuous look, particularly with a high profile breast implant.

Like any breast augmentation, it all will start with a consultation. Dr. Fiorillo will take key measurements to determine what will look and fit you best. If it seems like a high profile breast implant will work for you, then you’ll be on your way! At that point, we recommend new Gummy Bear high profile breast implants from Sientra. Their strength and durability are unparalleled by other silicone implants, with lower rates of contracture. Best of all, they feel so natural you’ll swear they were real. With a variety of shapes and sizes, your high profile breast implants will look exactly how you’ve always wanted them to. So contact a member of Dr. Fiorillo’s staff today, and schedule your consultation for your high profile breast implants. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have!

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