October 11, 2013

For Natural Breast Implants, Choose Gummy Bears

If you’re a lady in the market for New York breast implants, you’ll be thrilled to hear about this new innovation  – Gummy Bears. Gummy Bears promise to provide you with the most natural looking breast implants that you can find on the market today. Couple that with one of the highest safety ratings on the market, and the choice should be clear that Gummy Bears are the superior New York breast implants. Read on to learn more!

Designed to look and feel real

Gummy Bears are the newest generation of cohesive gel implants – an improvement on past silicone breast implants allowing for a more natural look and feel. Gummy Bears have many traits in common with the delicious candy bears they share they name with. Their strength and durability paired with softness and pliability makes for natural looking breast implants that feel just like the real thing.

Dr. Fiorillo knows that each of customer is unique, and he reflects that in his product offerings. You can choose from traditional round (the most popular shape in the US), oval, or teardrop shaped (also known as “anatomical.”) Teardrop breast implants have been widely available in Europe for years, and can offer a more natural profile and contour for some women that a traditional round simply can’t. 

The safest implants available

Gummy Bear New York breast implants are incredibly safe, with lower cases of complications such as capsular contracture, ruptures, and tears compared to saline and older generation silicone breast implants. The cohesive gel filling does not leak if a Gummy Bear implant tears, therefore it maintains it shape, with no risk of infection. If you want the safest breast implants on the market today, you want Gummy Bears.

Meet the Doctor

Choosing the right brand isn’t all you need to consider when getting your new New York breast implants, you also need to be sure you have the best man for the job! Gummy Bear breast implants have very strict quality control rules followed when being created – only board certified cosmetic surgeons are allowed to sell and insert them. Dr. Michael A Fiorillo goes above and beyond this requirement, as he is double board certified. A plastic surgeon working out of New York and New Jersey, he is renowned the world over for his expertise and skill. Having performed cosmetic surgeries for TV and movie stars, you can rest easy knowing you have the same doctor trusted by major media outlets such as CNN and Star Magazine when they need expert opinions.

More Information

If you’re to take the next step in your decision to get a breast enhancement, and are looking for natural breast implants, teardrop breast implants, or more traditional shapes and types, contact Dr. Fiorillo today at http://www.brastimplantsnewyork.com to schedule your private consultation and learn more about this amazing breakthrough in cosmetic surgery!

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