July 6, 2013

Gummy Bear Implants – Are They Right For You?

Any woman who has considered undergoing a breast enhancement has undoubtedly been met with an overwhelming amount of information about the topic. Lots of the information is general, such as what to expect during the consultation, breast implant sizes, and what the procedure actually entails. Many women don’t think to research what brand of implant to choose. The FDA has recently approved Sientra’s newest generation of cohesive gel implants, commonly known as “Gummy Bear breast implants.” They get their name from the fact that they are strong, yet soft, pliable, and easily retain shape. Much like a gummy bear. The benefits of Sientra’s cohesive gel implants are their durability, as well as the natural look and feel they give the body. Unlike saline implants, if Gummy Bear implants get torn, they do not leak, which saves you from all sorts of nasty complications. Sienta’s cohesive gel implants also retain their shape longer, with lower risks of contracture. Sientra offers a wide range of breast implant sizes to fit each woman’s personal preference and needs – leading to a more natural look and feel.

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