October 8, 2013

Are Gummy Bear Implants Right For You?

Every woman who has thought seriously about getting breast implants in New York has certainly been met with an avalanche of information about the topic. Most of the information is very broad and general, such as expectation management during the consultation, breast implant sizes, and the specifics of what the operation entails. For most women, it doesn’t even cross their minds to research brands of breast implants the same way they would any other product. However, the truth is there are many types of breast implants available, and you want to take care to find the most natural looking breast implants you can get.

The FDA has just approved the most recent generation of cohesive gel implants, by Sientra more commonly referred to as “Gummy Bear breast implants.” They derive their name from the fact that the material is strong, yet soft, pliable, and easily retains its shape similar to the delicious candy bears. The benefits of Sientra’s cohesive gel implants are their durability, in addition to the natural look and feel they give the body profile. Unlike saline implants, if Gummy Bear breast implants get torn (which is rare), they do not leak, which alone prevents a number of undesirable complications. Sienta’s cohesive gel implants also keep their shape longer, with lower rates of capsular contracture than competing brands.

Sientra offers a wide range of breast implant sizes to fit each woman’s personal preference and needs. All of their types of breast implants are sure to be the most natural looking breast implants you’ve ever experienced. If you’re interested in getting breast implants in New York, call Dr. Fiorillo today to set up your consultation!

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