September 22, 2017

Shaped Implants To Drive Market Growth

Shaped Implants To Drive Market Growth

By 2024, the natural-looking breast implants which are so popular in New York and elsewhere will push the overall market share to over $4.5 billion.

Forecasters expect an uptick in both major kinds of breast implant procedures, both purely cosmetic surgeries and reconstructive procedures related to breast cancer treatments. Because they have that teardrop breast implant shape that so many New Yorkers want, much of the market growth will be in silicone implants for the first half of the period. Then, due to their “sloped contour with more implant material located at the bottom that provides a more natural appearance,” anatomical implants will expand the market even further.

The financial expansion is based on increasing per capita surgery expenditures, increased awareness of reconstructive procedures, and improvements in the surgical process.

Gummy Bear Implant Advantages

Whereas liquid (saline or silicone)-filled implants may lose their shape over time due to gravity and the patient’s body contours, the cohesive gel inside gummy bear implants will probably keep its original shape for a much longer period of time. Furthermore, since the filling does not shift, there is almost no chance of the unsightly rippling and folding commonly associated with many liquid-filled implants.

European gummy bear implant patients also have less surgical scarring, possibly because the firm implant involves no silicone diffusion.

All these things also make gummy bears safer than previous implants, mostly because they are almost leak proof. When leaks do occur, they normally happen along creases and fold lines, which do not exist in gummy bear implants. Moreover, even in the unlikely event of a rupture, the cohesive gel is not runny so it probably will not leak.

The Dr. Fiorillo Difference

All these cosmetic and safety advantages are really only theoretical unless the doctor is highly skilled, and double Board Certified Dr. Michael Fiorillo has the skills to maximize these advantages and make a difference in the lives of his patients.

But the Dr. Fiorillo difference extends far beyond the operating table. He is a sought-after speaker not only because of his surgical skill, but also because of his accessibility and gift for making complex procedures seem straightforward.

See for yourself why thousands of women in New York and elsewhere trust no one else but Dr. Fiorillo to perform their breast implant procedures. Contact us today by going online or calling 845-623-6141 to schedule your initial, no-obligation consultation.

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