September 22, 2017

Breast Implant Surgery Do’s And Don’ts

Most New Yorkers are 50/50 on the eve of their gummy bear breast implant procedures. They are 50 percent unbelievably excited and 50 percent extremely nervous. So, it’s natural to feel like leaving for the hospital straightaway in the hopes that the doctor can fit you in early and, the very next minute, feel like calling to cancel the procedure.

But underneath this bundle of nerves, most gummy bear patients also have a great deal of confidence, because they’ve done all their research into both the types of breast implants available in New York as well as the top surgeons specializing in these procedures.

To help you navigate these last few hours, here are some common do’s and don’ts that Dr. Fiorillo recommends for almost all his NY breast implant patients.


Okay, these may be out of order. But most of these don’ts involve the night before the surgery, so it makes sense to go over them first.

Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight. And, for your evening meal, try to eat a little earlier and lighter than normal. Furthermore, don’t eat or drink anything in the morning, and it is very easy to drink some water or coffee simply out of habit. If you brush your teeth, don’t accidentally swallow any water.

Don’t miss the anesthesiologist’s call, which usually comes between seven and nine. S/he will not only remind you of all the things in the previous paragraph, but also answer any other related questions.


The day of the surgery is all about the do’s.

Do set your alarm a little early to give yourself some extra time. For the best possible surgical and post-surgical experience, you should arrive at the surgery center fully prepared for the day, completely relaxed, and a few minutes early.

Furthermore, do arrive au naturel. Do not put on any makeup, perfume, or deodorant. Do not wear contacts, and if you can live without them, do not wear glasses either. Regardless of the outside weather, it’s usually a good idea to wear something warm, because many surgical centers are cold. Finally, if you wear underwear, make sure that it’s all cotton.

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