September 5, 2017

Cheap Implants Are Dangerous Implants

Cheap Implants Are Dangerous Implants

Because of their shape, Gummy Bear implants may be the safest alternative available, per an Australian newspaper.

Earlier this year, certain implants were linked to an uptick in certain kinds of lymphoma. Researchers now know that it is material and design, as opposed to the implants themselves, that pose this risk. In fact, smooth, silicone-filled implants are responsible for about 90 percent of the most recent health problems, according to researchers. Anaplastic large cell carcinoma (ALCL) is a very rare form of this disease that takes up to fourteen years to develop. Symptoms include persistent breast swelling as well as a telltale lump.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has fielded fifty-five complaints about health problems related to cheap breast implants, and five of these complaints involved a fatality.

Gummy Bear Filling

Most or all of the problems associated with typical breast implants exist because the implants are overfilled, which results in a leak.

But the implants that double Board Certified Dr. Michael Fiorillo uses are much different. Instead of liquid silicone or saline, Gummy Bear breast implants in New York are filled with a dense, semi-solid substance that’s very much like candy Gummy Bears, so there is almost no possibility of leaking. Furthermore, since the implants are prefilled, there is absolutely no chance of overfilling.

Gummy Bear implants cost a little more than normal implants, but the greatly enhanced safety is well worth a few extra dollars.

Gummy Bear Shape

That same filling also gives Gummy Bears the teardrop breast implant shape that’s so popular in New York and elsewhere.

Truth be told, the reason that some doctors overfill saline or silicone implants is to give women that teardrop shape that they crave. There’s obviously no reason to do that with Gummy Bears, because they are always perfectly formed. Furthermore, patients can choose the shape they want, within certain limits. That’s a big advantage for those women who aren’t necessarily looking for a larger size, but they are interested in a symmetrical bust line.

The option is also a big advantage for petite or larger women who need a different shape to match the rest of their bodies.

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