August 1, 2016

The New Breasts of Hollywood

The standard definition of what is most beautiful always changes along with society, and our era is no different. The current trend of “most beautiful” breast sizes has changed drastically from the large sized desires of the 80’s and 90’s. The average attractive breast size has steadily shrunk over the last decade, with B’s now being the most requested cup size.

If you want to see the beauty trends of society most obviously reflected back, you of course need only look at Hollywood. The newest implants to arrive in tinsel town are called Gummy Bear implants, and they are now the most requested implant by all aspects of society. Since 2012 when Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth from The Celebrity Apprentice talked about her Gummy Bear implants on Access Hollywood, the name has become synonymous with high-end and modern breast augmentation.

Although it can be hard to pin down a list of exactly who has these implants, that is also kind of the point. Doctors in the area are reporting on the implants popularity amongst all aspects of society, but then why are so few celebrities are popping up in the news with breast related headlines these days? The reason just may be the more natural and subtle beauty of the Gummy Bear implants. With the more natural look, they provide less of a contrast with what was there before, and the woman’s current body type.

Why are the Gummy Bear Implants Better?

In addition to being widely considered the most natural looking breast option, they also have a number of structural advantages as well. Unlike saline or smooth silicone implants, Gummy Bears implants have a more natural shape and are filled with gel and keep their encasing sheath. Gummy Bears won’t move or leak like silicone based implants.

What if you’re not in L.A.?

What if you don’t live near L.A. but still want the Hollywood treatment? There are a lot of breast implant options, but Dr. Fiorillo out of New York is one of the most trusted plastic surgeons out there. If you are considering breast augmentation or gummy bear breast implants do not hesitate to call Dr. Fiorillo for your free consultation!

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