August 22, 2016

New York’s Newest Fashion Trend. Less Breast is More.

New York is known for being on the cutting edge of fashion. Clothes, hair and yes, augmentation all have their place. In New York, breast implants have been subject to a new trend, and it’s visible across the fashion spectrum. While never a staple of high fashion, larger breasts have been central to our aesthetics of beauty for a while, but that may be changing. An article in the Fashion Times comments on how the size of implant requests have been getting smaller and smaller.  This has even become a problem for some large breasted women who feel left out of the fashion loop (breast reductions are on the rise as well). Women want smaller breasts. Not small breasts, just less when compared to the “large” breast look  that saw its height in the 80’s and 90’s.

New York fashion is changing, and in New York, breast implants are changing with them.

How Have Plastic Surgeons Adapted to These Trends?

Quite well actually.

Just in time for the times, the newest thing making waves in the industry of New York breast implants is the “Gummy Bear”. The Gummy Bear implant is ideally suited to the popularity of the B cup look and provides a natural feel unparalleled by other implants.They even have a reduced risk of rupture and complications when compared to other popular styles.


While silicone and saline may have had their issues, the latest implants are based on a cohesive gel-like substance and is being praised for its comfort and natural feel. These Gummy Bear implants provide the perky youthful appearance so desperately sought after in natural breasts, and since the implant gives the doctor more control over the final shape of the breast, more women achieve the fullness they desire without having to go to unnatural sizes relative to their body. Obviously, with the newest trend in New York breast implants being smaller, natural, and youthful breasts -Gummy Bears have been steadily growing in popularity.

There is another reason New York is such a hotspot for breast augmentation trends. Doctors like Dr. Fiorillo who have perfected the Gummy Bear implant procedure have been receiving more and more attention for their work. Dr. Fiorillo has been featured on The View, Fox News, The Doctors, Good Morning America, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey among many other media outlets. When it comes to choices in New York Breast Implants, especially the Gummy Bear implants, Dr. Fiorillo is one of the first names you’ll hear. If you are considering breast augmentation or gummy bear breast implants do not hesitate to call Dr. Fiorillo for your free consultation!

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