June 14, 2016

Total Satisfaction with Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Dr. Fiorillo’s plastic surgery practice in New York offers virtually all clients total satisfaction. You can check out his many raving testimonials here! Clients go on and on about the beautiful shapes and sizes, the natural look and feel, quick recoveries, comfort and expertise of Dr. Fiorillo, and how well they were treated. Many of Dr. Fiorillo’s patients are totally satisfied with their gummy bear breast implants and you can be, too!

Why are all these women raving about gummy bear breast implants? Why are women from all over the world traveling to New York to see Dr. Fiorillo? Many reasons! First of all, gummy bear breast implants are the safest, most natural breast implant you could possibly have. There are a huge variety of shapes and sizes. The longevity increases cost-effectiveness. There are fewer complications than traditional implants. There is less risk of rupture and leakage. And gummy bear breast implants have been approved by the FDA.

People choose Dr. Fiorillo over other doctors because he is double board certified and has been practicing since 1998. He has performed thousands of successful surgeries. He is a national speaker and writer. Dr. Fiorillo is often called upon to correct prior surgeries done by other surgeons. He was trained in Sweden on the latest gummy bear breast implant techniques and he is trusted by manufacturers to teach other plastic surgeons.

Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Fiorillo for a free consultation, no obligations. He will answer all of your questions with great patience and understanding. If you are not local to the New York area, a Skype session or video conference can be scheduled in order for a virtual face-to-face meeting. Remember, virtually all of Dr. Fiorillo’s patients are totally satisfied with their gummy bear breast implants, so call today to get the care you deserve!

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