May 12, 2018

Gummy Bear Implants in Pearl River NY: Are They the Safer Choice?

Dr. Michael Fiorillo, one of New York and New Jersey’s leading plastic surgeons believes that Gummy Bear implants are a safer option. He not only trained in Sweden during the early stages of Gummy Bear’s introduction to the world, but he also was chosen by the manufacturer to teach other surgeons about proper Gummy Bear surgery and technique.

Less Surgeries
In general, any time a surgery is performed and an object foreign to the body is introduced, there are risks.  Dr. Fiorillo of Pearl River, NY, prefers Gummy Bear implants over other types, because they pose less risk of rupture, hence reducing the number of times they need replacement. Saline-filled implants move and fold. After a while, if they frequently fold in the same spot, they are more likely to tear in that spot. When you fold a piece of paper, no matter how strong it is, if you fold it over again on the same spot, you will be able to tear it much easier at the fold than anywhere else. The same is true for the saline pouch that forms the implant. Gummy Bears maintain their shape and do not fold as easily. They are the safer choice for a woman who lives an active lifestyle.

As far as general risks, if you choose a reputable plastic surgeon and carefully follow their pre and post surgery instructions, then you significantly decrease risks of complications. Dr. Fiorillo is becoming more and more known for his expertise and care, being visited by women all over the globe.

Scar Tissue Complications
When the implant is placed inside the breast, eventually some scar tissue develops around it. That is the body’s natural response to the introduction of something foreign to it. Sometimes, the scar tissue becomes hard and constricting (a condition called capsular contracture), causing the breast to feel hard and be misshapen. Gummy Bear implants have a reduced tendency to cause this condition, this is another reason Dr. Fiorillo prefers Gummy Bears over other implants.

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