May 22, 2018

Breast Implants Used to Improve Symmetry at Our New York Facility

Why is one breast often smaller than the other? Most times it has to do with perfectly natural reasons. Women are often mistaken about their “girls”.  They think of them as “identical twins” instead of “sisters”. They come from the same person, but they can be quite different, just like birth sisters. The asymmetry can be due to hormones, weight gain or loss (much of breast tissue is fatty tissue), genetics, abnormal chest wall or scoliosis.  Usually, it is not very noticeable and usually it is quite safe. If anything happens suddenly, then be careful and bring it to your doctor’s attention and overall keep up with mammograms and good breast healthcare.


Another reason can be much more serious and that is if there is significant surgery, where breast tissue has to be removed due to cancer or danger of cancer.


Improved Symmetry
If you are self-conscious about the lack of evenness in your breasts, then you may want to consider implants to remedy it. You can choose from various sizes and shapes with Gummy Bears. Dr. Fiorillo will give you guidance on the best way to create symmetry. With over two decades of experience in proper surgical techniques, as well as the ability to see what would work the best for you and your body shape, Dr. Fiorillo will consult with you and customize a look that you will be happy with.  

For more serious situations, like reconstruction, Dr. Fiorillo is one of the best plastic surgeons, not only for his surgical skills, but also for his compassionate demeanor and his helpful and kind staff.  If you live in the area, you can schedule an office consultation in Pearl River, NY or Montvale, NJ. If you are in another part of the USA or another part of the world, you can have a video consult with him.  For your surgery, you can plan a mini-vacation by booking at the Time Hotel in Nyack, NY. They have a partnership with Dr. Fiorillo and offer discounts for his clients. You can then plan some sightseeing or shopping in the New York area to help make your recovery time pleasant.

Improve Your Symmetry with Breast Implants in our New York or New Jersey Location.

Call us today (845-623-6141) for a consultation about Gummy Bear Implants at our offices in Pearl River, New York or Montvale, New Jersey. Or make an appointment for a video consult.


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