April 24, 2018

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy Bear Breast Implants NewYork

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy Bear Implants are still relatively new on the market.  Named after the candy, because of the silicone gel inside the outer shell. If cut open, the gel does not leak, but stays in place and in shape

Advantages of Gummy Bears
They have a more natural looking shape and feel than other round saline filled implants. They have a teardrop shape that makes breasts look like they normally do without implants. They maintain their shape, not being influenced by the surrounding breast tissue or by gravity. They shape the breast, not the other way around. They also feel more natural.

There is no folding or wrinkling, which significantly decreases the possibility of breakage. Where there is constant folding in one spot, there is the possibility of breakage or cracking at that spot. Like when you want to tear a piece of paper, you fold it back and forth a few times to create a weakness, so the paper tears cleaner than if you tear it without the folding. But even if the implant tears or breaks, the gel won’t leak, because it is cohesive and holds together.

Disadvantages of Gummy Bears
Gummy Bears cannot be compressed to fit through a small incision.  The incision can be a bit large, risking visible scarring. The standard saline implants can be fit through a small incision in the armpit area.

These tend to be more expensive per pair than standard saline implants.  The procedure for placing them requires more precision, so be sure to get a surgeon who is well trained in the Gummy Bear implant surgery.

Finally, it is rare, but there is some risks that  Gummy Bears may rotate, because they have a distinctive shape, they could cause distortion in the breast shape.

Dr. Fiorillo can help you weigh the options for Gummy Bear implants

Dr. Fiorillo has trained in Sweden on the proper use and surgical procedures for Gummy Bears.  He also trains other doctors on the procedures, so he is well qualified to discuss any concerns you may have regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Gummy Bear Implants. You can see him at his Pearl River, NY office or his Montvale, NJ office or you can have a video conference with him, if you live too far away. Call the office today at 845-623-6141 and set up an appointment.


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