April 12, 2018

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Last Longer and Look More Natural

Gummy Bear Implants Fuel Cosmetic Surgery Uptick

Gummy Bear implants, approved for use in augmentations for women 22 years and older and for reconstruction for women of all ages, are becoming more well known for the fact that they last longer than other implants, as well as look more natural.

Longer Lasting

While they don’t last forever, they do have a lesser rate of failure over other types of implants. Studies have shown that within 3 years the rupture rate is only 2 to 2.5%. They hold their shape longer because the implants are filled with gel, instead of fluid. They are more durable and less likely to leak even if the outer shell tears. Their form is stable, so that they don’t wrinkle or fold easily. This is significant, since wrinkles and folds contribute to tearing of the shell. Even so, it is recommended to get periodic MRIs to make sure there are no tears or damage to the implants.

Natural Looking

Gummy Bears are more natural looking in comparison to their saline filled counterparts.  They have a more natural firmness. There is no rippling, because they are not filled with fluid that “sloshes” around when you move. They come in various shapes and of course, various sizes.

Dr. Fiorillo Prefers Gummy Bear Breast Implants Over All Others

Dr. Fiorillo truly likes Gummy Bear Breast implants due to the reasons listed above. He wants his patients to be happy with their results. Happy patients make good referrals and this is why Dr. Fiorillo is not only well known around the Bergen and Rockland county areas of New Jersey and New York, but also over the United States and the world.  If you need guidance and expertise regarding getting or replacing implants, contact Dr. Fiorillo’s office. You can make an appointment or if you live too far away, you can have a video consultation with him. Call the office today at 845-623-6141 and set up an appointment.


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