March 13, 2018

Look Fit with Natural Looking Breast Implants in Pearl River, NY

Dr. Fiorillo sees many people from different walks of life for various reasons, some of these people are fitness competitors. As a matter of fact, his own wife is a fitness competitor, so who better than Dr. Fiorillo to help women know what judges are looking for. Even if you are not a competitor, but you work out and you want your body to show the tone and the muscular detail, Dr. Fiorillo is the best doctor for this. In addition, he understands the aesthetics of implants in relation to the fit body.


Gummy Bears come in a selection of sizes and shapes to match your desired appearance, as well as your body type. The implant surgery can be done with a variety of techniques to reduce the appearance of scars and to maintain a natural look. Dr. Fiorillo is an expert in implant surgery and has been teaching other doctors the Gummy Bear implant technique. He also understands the aesthetics of implants and will guide you to help you feel most comfortable with your decision.


Katie “KJ” James (fitness model) was looking for implants. Happily, she found Dr. Fiorillo and appreciated not only his bedside manner, but the office staff and atmosphere at the clinic. This is what she had to say about Dr. Fiorillo: “He made sure to answer all questions I had and took his time. Never rushed me or made me feel iffy about what we were going to be doing. He would make suggestions but never pushed anything and made sure I was FULLY comfortable with the end decision and results.” She also says that she continues to go to Dr. Fiorillo for treatments for her face and skin. According to her, “when you find someone like Dr. Fiorillo, who truly cares for his patients and wants the best, you don’t trust anyone else and you become loyal like I am.”


Around the world, Look Fit with Natural Looking Breast Implants in Pearl River, NY


Whether you live locally, in the US or across the globe, you can get natural looking breast implants, along with compassionate care by Dr. Fiorillo. While you are in New York, you can get special rates at the Time Hotel, because Dr. Fiorillo has partnered with them to provide his clients a comfortable and beautiful place to rest and recover. You can make a mini vacation of it, with antiquing, shopping, sightseeing, dinner and a show in New York City or a Hudson River cruise. To read more, click here, so you can learn how to get special rates.

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