August 14, 2018

Natural with Gummy Bear Implants in New York

Natural Look for the Active Woman

Going natural and committing to health and fitness has grown in popularity in our society. It’s no wonder that women are choosing a more natural look in breast implant, rather than the oversized, top-heavy appearance that was more popular in the past. Women are becoming more interested in fitness, exercise and competitive sports, so having natural sized breasts are more important to them.

A few key points when deciding your results, are to choose the placement of the implant, decide between silicone and saline and be sure you choose the correct size for you body proportions.

Placement of the implant is important. If you are really into sports, whether competitive or just for the fitness of it, you will want to consider subglandular implants, where the implant is placed under the breast tissue, as opposed to having them placed under the muscle tissue. Submuscular can give a much more natural look, but the implant will cause some interference with your muscles. Discuss this with Dr. Fiorillo during your consultation.

When you decide between silicone and saline, you might want to consider that silicone can look and feel more natural, especially when you are moving around a lot. Since saline has its benefits too, discussion about the positives and negatives during your consultation is important.

Finally and most important is to choose an implant that is proportional to your body and will fit properly with your breast shape and size.

Natural with Gummy Bear Implants in New York

Gummy Bear breast implants are the most popular of all implants. They look and feel natural and are the top choice of Dr. Fiorillo. He is one of the first surgeons in the United States to implement them and was chosen by the manufacturers to teach others the special techniques to correctly place them. Women come from all over the country and even the world to have their Gummy Bear implants done by Dr. Fiorillo. Call today, to set up a consultation 845-623-6141. Or  you can ask for a video consultation, if you are too far away for an office visit.

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