April 13, 2016

7 Ways to Prepare for Breast Augmentation

If you are getting New York breast implants at Dr. Fiorillo’s medical practice he has 7 great tips in preparing for your surgery. Whether you are going with the traditional breast implants or the new and improved gummy bear breast implants, Dr. Fiorillo wants you to follow the following tips.

Limit Physical Activity

For 2-3 days after your surgery you are going to have to limit your physical activity, especially where you could possibly strain the incision area. Movement should be as limited as possible to prevent any complications.

Get Help

If you have children or pets, you will need help in the days after your surgery. It is important that you rest and try not to move around much. Asking a family member or friend to step in for your normal duties is essential.

Comfortable Clothes Ready

Make sure that you have plenty of clean and comfortable clothes ready for you before you go into surgery. You will need to wear loose clothes for the next few days and don’t want to be rushing to get laundry done after the surgery.

Shop in Advance

Be sure to go to the pharmacy and grocery store before your surgery so that you are stocked and ready for the next few days. This way you don’t have to make any last minute runs to the store and you are fully prepared.


It is fine to shower the day of your surgery, but do not: wear makeup, apply hairspray, wear jewelry, or wear deodorant.

Wear a Button Down

On the day of your surgery, wear a button down shirt and warm socks. This will be the easiest way to get dressed immediately following the surgery.

Bring Glasses or Contacts

If you usually wear contacts, bring your glasses. If you don’t have glasses, you can bring your contacts to put on once the surgery is over.

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