March 23, 2016

The Safest Breast Implants for You

Gummy bear breast implants are the safest breast implants you can even imagine. With the high quality of gummy bear silicone and the expertise of Dr. Fiorillo, you can’t go wrong.

What Makes Gummy Bear Breast Implants the Safest Option?

Fifth Generation Silicone
Gummy bear breast implants are the safest breast implant options for you because of the fifth generation silicone they are made out of. This silicone is the best to date. If torn, it will not rupture and leak. It won’t lose its shape and start sagging. Gummy bear breast implants are called gummy bear breast implants because they are very similar to gummy bears. A gummy bear is firm and never loses its shape. Even if a gummy breaks in half, there is no leakage or loss of shape. They will not wrinkle or fold, making them the most cost-effective breast implants.

Dr. Fiorillo of New York
Gummy bear breast implants are safe for another reason, too- because they are done by the top New York surgeon, Dr. Fiorillo. He has two convenient locations in New York and New Jersey. He is double board certified and has done thousands of successful surgeries. Dr. Fiorillo was trained in Sweden working with gummy bear breast implants and is one of only four surgeons who has been approved to teach the technique in the United States. He oversees all surgeries and welcomes you to his state-of-the-art facilities. Call today to schedule your free consultation 845-623-6141.

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