February 29, 2016

Benefits of Getting Gummy Bear Implants


People often think that all breast augmentation implants are the same. What they don’t know is that there are different types of breast implants used in the cosmetic surgery procedure. In the past, there are only two choices for women looking for breast augmentation. These are saline and silicone implants. The good news is that there is now a third choice, which according to New York breast implant expert, Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo is the best option available. And this brings us to form stable silicone implants, which are also known as gummy bear implants.

The gummy bear implants got their because they are made of cohesive gel that can hold its shape even when cut, just like gummy bear candies. This type of implants utilizes dense silicone gel that provides lots of benefits. Below are just some of the benefits you can get from gummy bear implants.

More Natural Look

Breast implants specialists, such as Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo, recommend the use of gummy bear implants because they look more natural compared to other types of breast implants. The latter often have round shape, while the former have teardrop shape. That means the breasts have a much fuller bottom and tapers towards the top. The shape allows the gummy bear implant to better resist the effects of gravity while maintaining the shape of natural breasts.

Holds Shape Longer

Another advantage of gummy bear implants is that they are able to hold their original shape longer compared to other saline or silicone implants. The cohesive gel implants have a distinct shape that conforms to the breasts of the patient. That means you will enjoy the original shape of your breast even after the having the implants, but only fuller. And even if it ruptures, it will still hold its shape.

Virtually Leak Free

A lot of women are afraid of getting breast augmentation done because of reports of ruptures and leakages. The good news is that gummy bear implants have a dense material that doesn’t leak, even if the shell breaks. Studies also shown that this type of implant has a much lower leakage rate compared to other options. The material also doesn’t move or shift inside the shell to prevent folds and other defects to the shell from occurring. This is the reason why the risk of leakage is low.

Less Scar Tissue

Getting cohesive gel implants will result to less scar tissue compared to other types of implant. Many breast implant specialists speculate that this is because of the firmness of the implant that doesn’t let the body contract around the gummy bear implant. Others say that it is because there is less diffusion of the filler material.

And if you want to learn more about gummy bear implants, you can visit our locations in New York and New Jersey. As the top breast implants New York specialist, Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo will be able to answer all your questions about the breast augmentation procedure.

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