December 29, 2017

Spring For a New You With Gummy Bear Implants

gummy bear implants by Dr. Fiorillo

During the short cold days of the winter months, it is hard to believe that Spring-time will ever get here.  But it does and if you are the busy type, it happens fast.  Spring is a great time for change, as the warmer days arrive and everything comes alive again.  We often think of the changes we may want to make physically, because we can no longer hide behind heavy sweaters and thick clothes.  So, maybe this spring you may like to consider breast enhancements.


The top choice for enhancement is Gummy Bear implants.  Dr. Fiorillo is an expert on the subject of Gummy Bears.  He is one of four surgeons in the USA to be chosen to train other surgeons in the procedure involved in implanting Gummy Bears.  World-renown, Dr. Fiorillo is sought after by women from all over the United States, travelling to New York for their augmentations.


Gummy Bear Implants Details


Gummy Bears come in various shapes and sizes to fit with your breast shape and body type.  They have a lower rate of complications than traditional implants.  The form of the implants are stable and so they don’t wrinkle or fold, which aids in reducing the failure of the shell to hold up, keeping the rupture rate at a very low rate (3-year rate of 2 to 2.5%).


Plan your surgery at a time that is least busy for you, like when someone can care for your children and/or pets, or during a slow season at work.  You will have to rest and not lift or carry significant weight.  Be sure to have comfortable clothing to wear for a few days after and have all your grocery and other shopping done in advance, including filling of prescriptions.


Call us at 845-623-6141 to make an appointment to discuss Gummy Bear implant surgery this coming spring.

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