September 12, 2018

Myth or Fact #3: It is more difficult to detect breast cancer or lumps with breast implants

Breast Implant

With all the discussion of breast cancer awareness and how to detect it early, there is also misinformation about implants. Some say you cannot detect mammary lumps easily with implants. Some say mammograms are less likely to show cancer if there are implants. Some say MRIs cannot detect abnormalities easily with implants. Studies have shown that there is no association with increases in breast cancer incidence or death between women with implants and women without.

Self Check and Get Regular Mammograms and MRIs

After you have recovered from your surgery, ask your surgeon to explain to you exactly how your breast should feel with the implant, make yourself familiar by going through the self exam routine. Then you will know what is normal and will be able to detect any abnormalities in the future, if they show up. Some say that implants actually make finding lumps and abnormalities easier, because the implant stretches and thins the breast tissue.

You can still get results with mammograms, if you find a facility that treats many women with breast implants. The technicians and the radiologists will know how to get the best results, due to their experience. Some surgeons think it is best to get a baseline mammogram before your surgery. Once you are healed completely, continue on your regular mammogram schedule. After your surgery, be sure to tell your mammogram technician that you have implants.

MRIs are necessary after implants, to check for breakage and leaking. Schedule an MRI 3 years after your surgery and then go for them every 2 years thereafter. The MRI technician can also check for abnormalities in your breast tissue and know the best way to get a full picture of your breast health. Just talk to the technician first about your concerns.

Don’t be Afraid, Get Your Gummy Bear Implants

Don’t allow myths to hold you back. Talk to Dr. Fiorillo about your concerns and fears, if fear is the only thing holding you back from getting Gummy Bear implants. Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment – 845-623-6141. If you do not live locally, you can schedule a video consultation. See our “Out of Town” page for further information.

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