November 21, 2016

How Life Will Change after a Gummy Bear Implant Procedure

Deciding to go for Gummy Bear implants is one of those decisions bound to have a significant impact in your life. Women who consider such procedures normally have different reasons and motivation for making the choice and regardless of the reason; life will never be the same again.

The following are some of the changes you can anticipate after your Gummy Bear breast implant procedure.

Enhanced Self Esteem

If you were low on self esteem before the procedure, then you are likely to benefit in an increase in your level of self esteem once you recover fully. It is estimated that 98% of women usually report an improved self-esteem after surgery, making it one of the biggest motivation for those considering it.

Increased Sexual Satisfaction

It is estimated that 67% of women who have undergone Gummy Bear breast implant have reported an improvement in their sex lives, with over 70% of them admitting that their overall sexual satisfaction has increased following the procedure.

Loss of Nipple Sensation

Loss of nipple sensation may occur after a Gummy Bear breast implant procedure. However, this is never a permanent condition and it is expected to end after a few weeks. But in some people, it can last for up to one or two years, leading to undue stress and anxiety amongst the patients.

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