January 23, 2014

Gummy Bear Style Breast Implants VS. Other Silicone Implants

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world and most common in the U.S. For many years, those who were interested in breast augmentation were limited to traditional silicone and saline style implants. That is until now. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a new design that three manufactures now make and sell. These are known as Gummy Bear style implants and they were designed to mimic the natural shape of the breast and look like a tear drop with a thicker at the bottom and tapered towards the top design. The three companies that now manufacture these are Mentor, Sientra, and Allergan. It should be noted that these company did not create the term nor like to use the term ‘Gummy Bear” however they are commonly referred to as this. The reason for this is because of the consistency of the gel. The gel inside the implant is thicker and can maintain its shape even if the implant is cut in half. This lessens the chance of rupture. These implants are also therefore known as “form stable” implants. However all style of implants do have their advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages of the Gummy Bear style implants include a potential chance of rotation in which the thicker part of the implant can distort the breast’s shape. Also because the gel is thicker, a longer incision is sometimes necessary to insert them. It’s also known that some women do not approve of the gel’s consistency. Form stable implants do share risks common to all breast implants including rare cases of infection, bleeding and implant rupture, even though the chance of rupture is far less than traditional implants.

As far as the advantages of form stable Gummy Bear style implants, they match the shape of the natural breast, and give more fullness to the bottom of the breast. They are made of a stiffer gel, so less wrinkling of the implant can be expected, and some women desire the additional firmness of the implant. There are yet even more advantages to this style of implant. Studies have shown they are less likely to leak like a traditional saline style implant, and there is less rippling of the implant due to the thicker gel consistency. And because of this the implant maintains its shape much better than traditional implants as the shape is reflected in the breast and is not deformed by gravity.

Before choosing an implant, every patient should discuss the potential risks and benefits with their surgeon, as form stable implants may not be the optimal choice for each woman. Dr. Fiorillo of Mommy Makeover, who is located in New York and New Jersey is an expert in breast augmentation procedures and is certified by Sientra, one of the manufacturers of the implant.

Contact Dr. Fiorillo at 866-537-0954 for more information and to see if the Gummy Bear style implant could be right for you.

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