August 3, 2017

Gummy Bear Implants Fuel Cosmetic Surgery Uptick

Gummy Bear Implants Fuel Cosmetic Surgery Uptick

Largely because of these next-generation implants, Asian cosmetic surgeons should see a 7 percent increase in new procedures between now and 2025.

A number of factors contribute to this expected growth, including a rising per capita income, more Asian women in the workforce, and the rise of medical tourism in places like Malaysia. Many of these women will choose the adhesive gel-filled Gummy Bear implants, because they eliminate “the possibility of filler leakage into the body” while offering a “firm look with improved consistency.”

Observers expect China to be the largest Asian market during this period, with about $90 million in breast implant procedures.

Some Quick Facts About Gummy Bear Implants in New York<

Form-filled, semi-solid breast implants are a little different, and many would say a lot better, than older silicone or saline-filled implants.

The incision is one difference. The older saline-filled implants could be rolled into a cigar-like shape while empty, inserted into the tissue through a tiny incision, and then filled. However, Gummy Bear implants are pre-filled. The more complicated procedure is normally not a problem for experienced and skilled physicians like double Board Certified Dr. Michael Fiorillo.

Moreover, since they are form-filled, Gummy Bear implants are usually a little more expensive than soft saline implants.

Many patients with silicone and saline implants complain about rippling. With Gummy Bears, there is very little risk of visible rippling, and when it does occur, it is usually not as noticeable. That’s because overfilling causes most of the worst ripples, and it is impossible to overfill Gummy Bear implants.

Why Choose Us<

Dr. Fiorillo uses Gummy Bear breast implants, both as a standalone procedure and as part of a Mommy Makeover, because they are safer and look better.

Breast implants themselves are very safe, but if they leak, the patient may experience serious side effects. For many years, implant makers tried to make the shells more leak-proof. That approach never quite worked and made the results less appealing. Gummy Bear implants have been used around the world for over 20 years because there is almost no risk of leak, thanks to the adhesive gel filling.

That same adhesive gel makes the implants look better. In addition to a larger size and/or a different shape, Gummy Bears lift the breasts and are more natural to the touch.

Dr. Fiorillo has clinics in both New York and New Jersey, and our patients come from all over the country just to have him perform their breast augmentations. Contact us online or call us at 845-623-6141 to schedule your first appointment.

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