June 27, 2013

Choose Dr. Fiorillo for Your Breast Implants New York

Dr. Fiorillo is a double-board certified plastic surgeon operating out of the New York area. He is pleased to announce that he will now be offering Gummy Bear implant to his patients. What is a Gummy Bear implant? They are the newest generation of cohesive gel implants from Sientra. Widely available and preferred in Europe since the late 90’s, they have recently just been approved by the Federal Drug Administration here in America. Sientra’s implants have been hailed as some of the best cohesive gel implants on the market today. This is because they have a lower rate of adverse incidences compared to their contemporaries. In addition to their high safety ratings, they are available in various shapes and sizes. They offer traditional round, oval, and anatomical (aka, “teardrop”) to take into account the uniqueness of every woman.

As with most new products, seeing is believing! That’s why you should head over to our gallery to see real Gummy Bear implants photos and see how natural they look. You’ll actually be able to see the level of quality Sientra’s implants provide. Couple that with the expertise of Dr. Fiorillo, and you’ve got the perfect solution to your breast implants New York needs.

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