June 22, 2017

A New Wave Of Breast Implant Hysteria

Two out of every one million breast implant patients have been diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, according to a recent study. Even though the risks of breast implants are always splashed across the headlines, these risks are all very manageable.

Despite the scary-sounding name, ALCL is hardly ever serious and almost always easily treatable. Furthermore, most of the cases are associated with older implants, as the average incubation ALCL incubation period is eight years (though it can be as high as 28 years) and double Board Certified specialist Dr. Michael Fiorillo did not start working with cutting-edge Gummy Bear breast implants until 2012.

The National Institutes of Health study officially concluded that “women with a Gummy Bear breast implant have a low risk of developing breast implant-associated ALCL.”

Why Are Gummy Bears Different?

Older implants, whether they were filled with silicone or saline, were all prone to leaking. Exacerbating the problem, during the 1980s and 1990s, most all women underwent the procedure for cosmetic reasons and wanted very large implants, which meant lots of silicone gel.

At the time, doctors believed that the only way to make implants safer was to change the outer skin, and doing that meant taking away the realistic look that most of those implant patients craved.

Finally, researchers at a Brazilian company had the idea to change the gel instead of the skin. They speculated that a thicker material that is more like a Gummy Bear would mean less wrinkling and folding, which are two of the conditions that trigger the most leaks, and they were right. Gummy Bear breast implants have a 2 percent rupture rate.

As an added note, many of the women who seek Gummy Bear breast implants in New York are not looking for the biggest size or not even having the procedure for cosmetic reasons at all.

Today, Gummy Bear implants are the only non-U.S. breast implants approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and that small Brazilian company, Silimed, is the third-largest implant maker in the world.

How Dr. Fiorillo Deals with Surgical Risk

Some New York breast implant doctors simply have their patients sign legal waivers and only provide a cursory explanation of the risks involved in this procedure, and make no mistake about it, many of these risks are not inconsequential.

But Dr. Fiorillo believes the risk are worth taking, or he would not be such a strong Gummy Bear implants proponent.

Truthfully, many of our patients have not made up their minds about breast implant surgery and are really looking for answers. Therefore, we take as much time as necessary to go over all the risks and rewards of implant surgery, so you can make a good, evidence-based choice.

To find out how Gummy Bears can literally change your life for the better, go online to schedule your first appointment or call us at 845-623-6141. Skype consultations are available as well.

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