May 31, 2016

8 Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Have you been debating on getting breast implants in New York? Dr. Fiorillo specializes in gummy bear breast implants and would like to share 8 benefits of breast augmentations with you to help you decide if breast implants are for you.

Correcting Changes

As we age our bodies naturally change. And if you’re a mother who has gone through pregnancy, pregnancies, or breastfeeding then you know how much your body can change. Gummy bear breast implants and breast augmentations in general can give you the breasts that you used to have and correct the changes that have naturally occurred.

Fixing Asymmetry

It’s very common for women to have naturally occurring asymmetrical breasts. A lot of times women have breasts that are different from each other in size and shape, sometimes even 2 whole cup sizes different. Breast augmentation can surely fix that.

Improving Self Esteem

After getting breast implants, mot women report improved self esteem. Their confidence sky rockets due to feeling more comfortable in their own skin.

Positive Body Image

Millions of girls and women have negative thoughts about their bodies every day. But women who undergo breast augmentations are more likely to have a positive image of their body than before their breast implants.

Feeling Feminine

Many women with small breasts say they don’t feel feminine. Enhancing their breast size and shape can make them feel more womanly and feminine, making a woman feel more like herself.

Feeling Younger

You never truly know you had a good thing until it’s gone; and that’s true for breasts as well. When women are young they don’t realize their breasts won’t stay perky and round and bouncy forever. Breast augmentation can help you get that youthful, younger self back.

Sexual Satisfaction

A very high percentage of women report better sex due to breast augmentation.

New and Different Clothing

It’s very exciting to be able to wear that sexy bathing suit and new, different clothes after a breast augmentation.

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