Some Questions Before Getting Breast Implants in New York

The best time to ask questions about a particular medical procedure is way in advance of the surgery. This gives you enough time to digest the answers, as well as ask follow up questions. It also gives your doctor enough time to run any tests that may be needed, or carry out any other preliminary procedures that might be called for, in order to fully answer your questions.

Each person will have their own unique experience, but there are some basic questions that make for a good start. So in this example, imagine a woman who is thinking about getting breast implants in our New York clinic. Here are some of the questions that she could consider asking her doctor. For this example, let’s just give him or her the generic name of “New York doctor.”

These questions are: What exactly is involved in breast implants, NY doctor? What are the different types of breast implants, New York doc? What are teardrop breast implants, New York doctor? And what are gummy bear breast implants, New York doc? These are some of the questions the patient can start with. This helps to give her a good overview of some of her specific implant options, in terms of shape and type. Then, she can dig deeper.

More questions: What makes up a gummy bear implant, New York doctor? What are the advantages of gummy bear implants, New York doc? What are the downsides, if any, to getting gummy breast implants, New York doctor? And what is the surgical procedure like for gummy implants, New York doc? These questions help the patient to better understand the pros and cons of a particular type of implant.

More questions: Will these result in natural looking breast implants, New York doctor? As far as my particular circumstances and body are concerned, are these the best breast implants, New York doc? Are these the safest breast implants, New York doctor? These questions go into some important subjects such as the final look of the implants, whether they are a good fit for your particular body, and the general safety of these implants.

To summarize, if you’re looking for breast augmentation, New York breast implants are a good way to go. Just make sure to ask these and other additional questions that are important to you. You can also ask to look at New York gummy bear implants photos, for a more visual explanation of what these involve. And you can read about high profile breast implants New York clinics have carried out, to hear some of the stories and details of these procedures, from other patients’ point of view.

Having Breast Implants in New York

If you’re looking for a place to get breast implants, New York is a good place to start. If you are looking for particular kinds of breast implants, NY clinics will most probably be able to provide them to you. So, for example, if you want implants that are more modern and advanced, such as gummy bear breast implants, New York facilities are not going to have any trouble handling the procedure.

This pretty much makes sense because of the way that demand affects supply. In this particular geographical and metropolitan area, there is a more than sufficient demand for gummy bear implants. New York clinics therefore make sure that they are able to meet this demand, by being able to offer the implants and the procedure. There are many reasons behind this demand for implants in the area. New York breast implants are widely sought after by women who have a sufficient amount of income for the procedure, as well as the intention to ensure that they have bodies that they are satisfied and happy with.

Women in the area with a lot of disposable income want something more. If they want natural looking breast implants, New York clinics stand ready to provide these. If they specifically want teardrop breast implants, New York medical professionals have no problem with this. No matter what the patient wants with regard to types of breast implants, New York facilities will be able to deliver. This helps to explain why, if you are going to take a look at recent high profile breast implants, New York clinics figure in a lot of them. When celebrities, powerful business people, athletes and other well known individuals look for breast procedures, many of them head for New York.

Now, this does not mean that these procedures are exclusively to be found in New York. Instead, you can also have them done elsewhere. But from our experience as medical professionals in the area, we can say with confidence that our staff and professionals have the expertise and experience to deliver a good breast augmentation experience. Our gummy bear implant New York clinic staff have the training, history of past successes and the right attitude when it comes to listening to our patients.

We provide some of the best breast implants New York can offer. In addition, ours are some of the safest breast implants New York medical professionals can deliver. If you have questions, we will listen to you and give you the answers you seek. We can also provide additional visual information through some New York gummy bear implants photos, if you wish. So if you are looking for a gummy breast implants New York clinic which stands ready to offer you the most up to date and advanced options currently available, come visit us. Or if you are searching for a gummy implants New York clinic which treats its patients with courtesy and respect, then do get in touch with us. Together, we can address your concerns so that you will have the body that you want.

To Take a Breast Surgery, or Not?

For most women, breasts are a part of their body which they feel the least happy about. Some are not happy with themselves, and others feel like they would be more appealing or pleasing to their partners with smaller or larger breasts, or differently shaped ones. In New York, there is now a groundbreaking solution for this, and it is called Dr. Fiorollo’s Gummy Bear breast implants.

Dr. Fiorollo is the first and only aesthetic surgeon in this field, and together with his team, we offer you consulting and treatment which will ensure your own best satisfaction. Our team consists of highly trained nurses and technicians, all of which are experts at Dr. Fiorollo’s Gummy Bear breast implant treatment. Not only will you be offered a wealth of choices based on size and shape, you will be able to achieve that natural look and feel to your breasts as well. They will look and feel as if you were born with them.

We do not stop there, however. Your personal well-being is of utmost importance to us, and as such we also offer you consultative services without any obligation from your side to take the surgery in the end. It is no secret that, while you may feel unhappy with your breasts for one reason or another, the truth is that they may already be of perfect shape and size. You should always feel free to ask an expert’s opinion on this. As we stated already, it all depends on your own preferences and, usually of equal importance, your own self-esteem. You should make sure to pay good attention to your body, and how you feel inside your own skin—this is what we do as well. We will always offer you the best-shaped and most tasteful results, depending on your individual, unique body. Dr. Fiorollo, along with his team, unlike many other aesthetic practitioners, knows this and approaches you as an individual person. Therefore, you should never be afraid to ask either him, or any of his staff, anything you are interested in. On top of that, you need not fear expressing your personal desires, and more importantly, your reasons why you would like a change in your body. We are here to help you out, and we want you to feel good about yourself.

To conclude, if you decide on taking a breast surgery, there is only one important thing — and that is whether you want it yourself, or are you doing so in order to somehow make others think more of you. If the former is the case, then go ahead —you have all the right in the world to feel best about your looks. In the latter case, we advise you to rethink it —your partner, or anyone else, should like, love and support you the way you are. Always keep in mind that you are beautiful already. Dr. Fiorollo and his team are not here to make you beautiful, but rather to make your true beauty be seen.


Enlargement, Reduction, or Just Changing Shape?

We all hear how men are obsessed by ladies’ breasts, but there are two groups of people to whom these womanly curves are even more important. The first group is obviously newborns, and the second group is surprisingly or not — women themselves. A great percentage of women are not happy with their curves, thinking that they either overly skinny or overly voluptuous. This unhappiness is most accentuated in their bosom department, where women with larger breasts want smaller and more elegant ones, and those with smaller breasts yearn for larger ones that always attract more attention.

The truth, however, is very far from that. Smaller or larger doesn’t necessarily mean sexier or less appealing in any way. What usually makes all the difference is the shape of a lady’s bosom. Dr. Fiorillo, who operates in New York and New Jersey, knows that very well. While the final word is always yours, we aim to provide you with the best pleasure of your own appearance in any way we can. Dr. Fiorillo is the only practitioner in the groundbreaking technology of the Gummy Bear breast implants, with a team of highly trained nurses and technicians who are always here for you. Thus, you can always count on an expert’s opinion, as well as a wide variety of choices. Your breasts may already be of perfect size, but their shape can be elegantly changed in order to accentuate your sensuality and attractiveness the way you want it. Do you want a more rounded shape, or a more natural, teardrop-like one? In such cases, there is no need for enlargement or reduction in size.

On the other hand, their shape may be already perfect and beautiful as is. In such cases, their shape can be even further beautified by reducing or enhancing their size. Our breast implant technology offers all three methods, guaranteeing your best satisfaction with the final result.

Types of Available Breast Implants

If you live in New York and thinking about breast implants, you are in luck. There are a number of amazing doctors who can tell you more about the types of breast implants in New York that might be right for you. By learning more about the three major types of breast implants, you will probably have a good idea of what you want by the time you go in for your first appointment.

Saline Implants
Most people know of saline implants as they were the first type of implant on the market. Though they are made of a silicone shell, the interior of that shell is filled with a type of salt water called saline. Saline is naturally produced by the body and thus, the most natural solution. These implants can be pre-filled with saline or they can be filled through a valve once inserted into the body. These implants have a history of being very safe and since the saline is natural, can be absorbed into the body should the implant break. The main cons of saline is that they are not as shapely as other implants and typically do not feel or look as natural as other types of implants. They also may deflate slightly after surgery.

Silicone Implants
The other very well known implant is known as a silicone implant. Silicone has some distinct features as well and has some great pros, as well. For one, silicone is often more shapely than saline implants and can be shaped in a number of ways. These implants are also more naturally feeling and looking, something that many women strive for hen getting implants. You will also find that they stand up and remain perky for much longer, in most cases, than saline. The one issue with silicone is that if it does rupture, the silicone must be surgically removed unlike saline implants.

Gummy Bear Implants
Finally, you have the latest and greatest implant on the market, the gummy bear implant. This implant is definitely one of the best available and is even more natural looking and feeling than traditional silicone. You will also find that gummy bear implants are much firmer and that they won’t lose their shape.

For more information about which implant might be right for you, reach out to a professional in your area.

Mommy Makeovers – Breast Augmentation

Getting breast augmentation surgery can be an uneasy experience if you don’t know how the procedure works, who will be performing the surgical procedure, how long it will take to heal, and exactly what the entire procedure involves. Dr. Fiorillo of Mommy Makeover in New York and New Jersey is an expert at breast augmentation with an excellent trained staff. Everything is taken care of for you and there are even accommodation’s available if you are not from the New York or New Jersey area. Dr. Fiorillo is a Gummy Bear breast implants expert who treats patients from all over the world. He is one of the top 10 surgeons in the world and even trains other surgeons the Gummy Bear implants procedures. Dr. Fiorillo believes that every woman should have the body she desires. Special arrangements can be made for out of town patients with discounted accommodations available.

Advanced Technology

A variety of aesthetic procedures are available. Dr. Fiorillo is conveniently located in New York and New Jersey, and the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center is equipped with a wide array of the latest technologies.

There are also two medspas available where you can get the latest non-invasive services performed including CoolScuplting that freezes fat cells until they crystallize, or the TriPollar treatment which heats the fat cells until they shrink. In addition to the cellulite procedures, these treatments also help reduce or even eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, problem fat areas, and much more.

Dr. Fiorillo is a double board certified plastic surgeon, renowned for his expertise worldwide. Additionally an esteemed author with publications ranging from medical articles, and books, to textbooks; he is highly respected by plastic surgeons and clients alike. His skill and aptitude has earned him the trust of the thousands of patients that have attended his practice in Rockland and Bergen County since 1998. The staff is caring and friendly and will help you with everything involved in the body makeover that you desire.

Before choosing any kind of cosmetic surgery, every patient should discuss the potential risks and benefits with their surgeon, some procedures may or may not be right for you depending on your health and the procedure that you desire. Dr. Fiorillo of Mommy Makeover, who is located in New York and New Jersey is an expert in breast augmentation procedures and is certified by Sientra, one of the manufacturers of the implant.

Contact Dr. Fiorillo at 866-537-0954 for more information and to see if the Gummy Bear style implant or whatever other procedure you desire would be right for you.

Choose Dr. Fiorillo for Natural Looking Breast Implants in NY

Recently, scientists have found a marked increase in the average bra size over the course of the last 20 years. The change is nothing short of huge – it appears the average bra size has increased from a B cup to a DD cup. The change is actually a result of how we measure cuz sizes now. You see, 20 years ago, there was not a measurement to tell you exactly what your bra size was. Most women were squeezing their DD breasts into a B cup and just dealing with squished breasts Now bra makers are taking the measurement of breasts and increasing the bra size to actually fit. Now, most companies have increased bra sizes and create bras above and beyond the DD cup.

Aside from the changes in measurement standards in the bra industry, there are also changing trends in maturation. Numerous studies looking at body fat and milk duct size have shown that female children are maturing much master than they have in the past. Regardless of this, there are still many women who are genetically predisposed to having smaller breasts. Many women are fine with this, though many others opt to seek out a solution to increase their bust sizes. This is where Dr. Fiorillo steps in. Dr. Fiorillo has performed numerous breast augmentation surgeries using many types of breast implants. With over a decade of experience in the breast enhancement field, many women have been satisfied with their choice to have Dr. Fiorillo perform their surgeries.

Oftentimes we are asked what the best breast implants available are. Dr. Fiorillo highly recommends Gummy Bear implants for their natural look and feel. Add to that their higher safety rating than other silicone implants, and it would be hard not to say they are the safest and the best breast implants you can get. So if you are ready to learn more about getting breast implants in NY, then contact Dr. Fiorillo today to schedule an appointment at one of his three convenient locations!

Get Gummy Bear Breast Implants Today!

(2) Get Natural Looking Breast Implants

Are you in New York and considering breast implants, but aren’t sure what the best breast implant for you is? Well now there is an option available that provides a natural looking breast implant that is safer and more durable than other available options – Gummy Bear implants! Don’t continuously look in the mirror and wonder when and how you are going to get breast implants. Start researching your Gummy Bear Implants today!

Are you nervous about the procedure of actually getting breast implants? The natural looking breast implants that we are talking about have been approved by the FDA to be durable and safe. Gummy Bear breast implants have been shown to have lower instances of capsular contracture, rippling, and tearing than other silicone gel implants. In the rare cases where Gummy Bear implants are torn or punctured, the silicone gel does not leak, keeping you safe from infection while also maintaining shape and form. When you are choosing your Gummy Bear breast implants, you have a wide variety of breast implant sizes and shapes available, including options for the natural looking anatomic implants (also known as tear drop breast implants) and the high profile breast implants that are growing in popularity.

When searching for the best breast implants, it’s easy to feel inundated with a slew of questions like “What kind of shape will I get?” “Do I want natural looking breasts?” “Are breast implants safe?” The questions continue. Dr. Fiorillo knows that undergoing a breast augmentation surgery is a deeply personal decision that should not be taken lightly. That’s why Dr. Fiorillo and his staff are always available to answer questions and concerns about the procedure. In fact, Dr. Fiorillo encourages scheduling a one on one consultation in order to make sure you understand the procedure in its entirety.

When picking out the shape for your New York breast implants, you want the most natural looking breast implants. Most women these days are going this route, using Gummy Bear implants to make sure their new breasts are indistinguishable from the real thing! There are great options for tear drop breast implants that are natural looking and feel as good as the real thing. The tear drop breast implants have been used for many years in England and Canada, so though they may seem new to us, they are actually quite established and tested. Find what shape is right for you and get your Gummy Bear implants today!

If you’re looking for trustworthy information on Gummy Bear implants, check out Dr. Fiorillo’s website immediately and start doing your research. There, you should find the answers to most of your questions, and you can also check the advantages of the Gummy Bear over other breast implants. Enjoy the skin you are in with a new breast implant that will give you the look and feel you’ve always wanted. If you are ready to get on track towards your new look, contact Dr. Fiorillo today to schedule a no obligation consultation! We’ll be waiting for your call!


How New York Breast Implants Are Beneficial

(1) Are New York Breast Implants Beneficial

One of the most common insecurities that women face is about their breast size. Over the years that you are alive, you take on a lot of life changes and some of that can affect your body, such as having a baby. Having a baby can send your body spiraling out of control and you can lose the elasticity in your breasts. Luckily, like many other women, you can address these issues by speaking to Dr. Fiorillo about natural looking breast implants. Dr. Fiorillo and his team will help you reclaim your pre-maternity figure with new breast implants that are sure to give you the look you want.

Breast Cancer and Breast Reconstruction

Another thing that unfortunately takes a toll on women’s bodies far too often is the aftereffects of breast cancer. If you have breast cancer and have to get your breasts removed, chances are you will want to replace your breasts with some great and safe breast implants. Well now you can get natural looking breast implants that are tear drop breast implants. The tear drop breast implants will give you a natural shape and texture that will allow your breast to look natural and will fool anyone! Oftentimes, undergoing breast implant surgery is an important step in the healing process, granting women closure and restoring self-confidence in their femininity.

Breast Implant Benefits

Breast implants have been huge all over the world and many women are getting breast implants right as you read this. The importance of breast implants is to help you heal and make you feel better about yourself as to who you are and who you want to be. You don’t have to feel self-conscious because your breasts are small, saggy, or you don’t have any breasts at all. Start by doing some research on Dr. Fiorillo’s website: With over a decade in breast related cosmetic surgery and general aesthetic medicine, Dr. Fiorillo is sure to provide you with the results and the body you’ve been dreaming of.

Choosing to undergo breast enhancement surgery is no small decision, and Dr. Fiorillo wants to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge to make the best decision for yourself. If you are really looking to change your body image and you want to be able to feel comfortable in your own skin, then we suggest speaking to a professional like Dr. Fiorillo about your specific needs. Why wait any longer? Stop torturing yourself worrying about something as easy to fix as cup size. Contact Dr. Fiorillo today to schedule a one-on-one, no obligation consultation with him about your needs. During your consultation, Dr. Fiorillo will educate you on the procedure to make sure you understand it inside and out. Additionally, he can help you determine what new breast size would work best for you as well as providing you with an accurate price quote. We look forward to speaking with you!


Restoring a breast after a mastectomy

When a woman is faced with breast reconstruction after having endured a mastectomy, New York breast implants are by far the best option as it requires the least surgery. When a breast implant has been chose for the reconstruction, it requires no tissue transplantation such as is the case when a tissue flap is chosen, there is also no relocation of muscle as there is in a Lat flap procedure. Having the breast implant after a mastectomy may be a multi-treatment procedure as it may be necessary for the surgeon to create a new nipple and areola. Depending on the woman’s physical fitness, it may also be necessary to undergo area expansion if the body is well toned.

Breast implant reconstruction requires less surgery, no relocation of tissue or muscle and the healing process is quicker. On the other hand, New York breast implants do not last indefinitely and usually require replacement at some time, there is a possibility that the implant will shift position or leak and they are very noticeable as one ages because breast implants do not naturally sag as does a real breast. Gummy Bear breast implants are the recommended variety of implants for mastectomies because they have a lower risk of complications, last longer, and look and feel more natural than other options.

The best candidates for a successful breast implant are a small breasted woman who prefers to undergo less risky surgical procedures. Women who are grossly overweight or habitual users of liquor and tobacco are not well suited for the procedure.

There are two basic implants that most surgeons are familiar with; saline filled and silicone gel filled. Both are available in a host of sizes and shapes and one of the best ways to decide which is best is to review the before and after photos that will be available in the doctor’s office. It is also a good idea to ask the doctor if you can handle both varieties, it can help when you actually feel the texture and the way the breast drapes. Regardless of which type you ultimately choose, they will need replacing at some future time.

Implants can be placed in a single procedure immediately after the completion of the mastectomy. If your muscle tone is not the best and your skin is somewhat stretchy then a single procedure will suffice. If the chest muscles are well toned and tight, it may be necessary to place a tissue expander for some time prior to the implantation.

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