Four Ways to Prepare for Breast Implant Surgery in New York

Before walking in for a New York breast implant procedure, it is prudent to prepare adequately for the post recovery period. This will not just aid in the recovery process, but also assure you of the peace and tranquility needed for a speedy recovery. Presented below are some of the…Read More

Why Gummy Bear Implants for Breast Augmentation

If you are considering a breast augmentation procedure, then you have probably heard about silicone implants, saline implants and also gummy bear implants. In as much as there are a number of factors to consider when deciding on the implants to use, including consultations with your surgeon, Read More

Gummy Bear Plants New York: Are they Right for You?

For many years, silicone and saline implants were the only options for women considering breast augmentation procedures. Just recently, gummy bear implants entered the scenes and it has provided women with an additional option for breast implants. Gummy bear, also known as cohesive gel implants are packed…Read More

New York’s Newest Fashion Trend. Less Breast is More.

New York is known for being on the cutting edge of fashion. Clothes, hair and yes, augmentation all have their place. In New York, breast implants have been subject to a new trend, and it’s visible across the fashion spectrum. While never a staple of high fashion, larger breasts have…Read More

The New Breasts of Hollywood

The standard definition of what is most beautiful always changes along with society, and our era is no different. The current trend of “most beautiful” breast sizes has changed drastically from the large sized desires of the 80’s and 90’s. The average attractive breast size has steadily shrunk over the…Read More

Women Travel from All Over the World to See Dr. Fiorillo

Dr. Fiorillo is a highly respected plastic surgeon in New York and New Jersey. He is so well respected among his peers that he is often called upon by national media platforms for his expertise. Due to this exposure, women travel from all over the world to…Read More

Total Satisfaction with Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Dr. Fiorillo’s plastic surgery practice in New York offers virtually all clients total satisfaction. You can check out his many raving testimonials here! Clients go on and on about the beautiful shapes and sizes, the natural look and feel, quick recoveries, comfort and expertise of Dr. Fiorillo, and how…Read More

ThermiVa Event (Ladies Only)

ThermiVa Event

8 Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Have you been debating on getting breast implants in New York? Dr. Fiorillo specializes in gummy bear breast implants and would like to share 8 benefits of breast augmentations with you to help you decide if breast implants are for you.

Correcting Changes

As we age our bodies naturally change. And if…Read More

How to Choose a Breast Implant Surgeon in New York

Are you looking for the best breast implants New York has to offer? Ever heard of gummy bear breast implants? Dr. Fiorillo is a top New York breast implant surgeon and can help you with the changes you want to make, but first you should know how…Read More

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